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Individual and Business Headshots!

A current, Professional Headshot is vital to your online presence. Like it or not, first impressions are formed in just a few seconds (or less!).

Let’s face it, having a quality headshot means more attention on social media. Whether it is for LinkedIn, Facebook, website, business cards, or your email signature it makes people take notice. Putting a face to a name is a powerful thing, as it allows your personality to shine through to a potential client or employer. Having a professional headshot can make a huge impact on marketing yourself to others. People will form the first impression of you based upon your photo. 

Photography Pricing

All Sessions Include:

  • Digital Delivery.
  • A pre-session phone call or email (optional).
  • Professional photographer’s time and talent.

What package is best for me?

  • Simple & Quick
    • 10 minutes – at your office or home – is a quick investment for your career and future. We will take our time to capture as many poses and angles as we can. You also get 1 fully edited and retouched image on a solid color of your choice.
  • Extended
    • Most popular option as we have 30 min to capture the best headshot. With this time you are able to change outfits allowing you to have more options for your headshot. You will also have the option to select 3 types of backgrounds for your headshots. From a solid color, blurred background, or an image of your choice. 
  • Elite
    • Plenty of time to get the picture-perfect headshot for you to show off. 45 minutes allows you to change up to 5 outfits, with this you will get 5 fully retouched and edited images. You also have the option to choose 5 backgrounds for your images. From a solid color, blurred background, or an image of your choice. 
  • Staff
    • Up to 2 hours to capture new professional headshots for your entire staff. At $10 per member, each headshot will be retouched with a solid color background of your choice or transparent. 

Simple & Quick

$ 150
  • 10 min Session
  • 1 Outfit
  • Individual Headshot
  • 1 Day delivery
  • 1 Retouched Photo
  • Digital Delivery
  • On-Site Photo Selection
  • No Background Choice


$ 225
  • 30 Min Session
  • ~3 Outfits
  • Individual Headshot
  • 1 Day Delivery
  • 3 Retouched Photos
  • Digital Delivery
  • On-Site Photo Selection
  • 3 Background Choices


$ 300
  • 45 min Session
  • ~5 Outfits
  • Individual Headshot
  • 1-2 Day delivery
  • 5 Retouched Photos
  • Digital Delivery
  • On-Site Photo Selection
  • 5 Background Choice


$ 500
  • +$10/Staff Member1
  • ~2 Hour Session**
  • Individual Headshot
  • 5-7 Day delivery
  • 1 Retouched Photo***
  • Digital Delivery
  • On-Site Photo Selection
  • Solid Color Background

*Please contact me regarding larger staff, information is based roughly on 5-25 staff members.
**2-hour session is a rough estimate to capture your entire team.
***All images for your staff will be at the same angle.

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