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The saying is “family means everything,” right? So what better way for those memories to last forever than with family photos. I want to provide your family with amazing photos, so during the session lets focus on getting amazin shots, while being relaxed, but ultimately have fun. 

Things To Do Before Your Session:

  1. Hair, Nails, or Makeup—Make sure your roots are touched up, and you aren’t wearing chipped nail polish to your session! These are small details, but we all want everything to be picture perfect for your session.
  2. Outfits—Plan at least a week in advance, don’t wait till the last day, trust me! You want to wake up feeling relaxed and prepared, so plan these details out early. Feel free to text me photos of your wardrobe if you’re having a hard time choosing! I’m happy to help. Color match with the rest of the family, this looks very nice and coordinated.
  3. Prepare your kids (and husband!) with a plan. You could tell them you’ll be “hanging out with our friend Matt on Saturday!” or “going to the park to play!” and keep things fun, lighthearted, and casual.
  4. Kids will be kids — sometimes letting kids run around, play with each other, or with things around us creates the perfect photo. It allows me to capture a more natural-looking photo and your kids being themselves.
  5. Props, Mementos, or Special Nick-Nacks — Some families bring family heirloom quilts, a special stuffed animal, an embroidered keepsake, etc. Some clients know they want a very specific type of photograph taken. If you have these sorts of preferences, be sure to brainstorm them in advance and let me know as well! 
  6. Make sure you’ve signed and submitted the Photo Agreement. It’s easy to forget but still super important 😊
  7. Above all, make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep and eats a good meal beforehand. We don’t want anyone to get hangry.

How to Dress for Your Session:

  1. First and foremost, dress for the weather! I’m sure this goes without saying, this is Florida 🙂 We want everyone comfortable!
  2. Don’t wear matching clothes—no more jeans-and-matching-shirts these days! Instead, wear colors in a complementary color palette, such as pastels and neutrals.
  3. No tennis shoes, T-shirts, or slogan shirts! It especially goes for kids, and I know they love Marvel or have a favorite Disney princess.
  4. Be careful about undergarments. I am very handy with photoshop, editing out bra straps or other undergarment lines is very difficult can be very time-consuming. Choose a wardrobe that properly covers your undergarments, in all types of movement scenarios.
  5. Ladies, I recommend wear medium-to-long dresses instead of pants. The dresses capture more movement and generally photograph more flatteringly. Short dresses will be a challenge when we do any seated photos, so please plan accordingly.
  6. Be ready to move and change positions! Wear comfortable shoes and clothes you can move in. If your dress gets suddenly too short when you bend over, or your pants are too tight to sit down in, maybe opt for more breathable pieces.
  7. Wear and bring accessories! For children; bowties, suspenders, hats, flower headbands. Chunky scarves, beautiful flowing dresses, and skirts—these create visual interest and movement in your photos and really helps the images stand apart.
  8. Nail polish! If your little girls have bright or vibrant nail polish on, go ahead and remove it. The nail polish  will almost undoubtedly clash with your beautiful wardrobe choice, and yes, it will show up in the photos.

Information modified from external sources.

Photography Pricing

All Sessions Include:

  • Online viewing gallery. Wide range of purchasing digital copies to a large canvas
  • Pre-session phone call or email (optional)
  • Professional photographer’s time and talent

What package is best for me?

  • Family Time
    • Good for small families with a newborn baby or pets. This 1 hour session will give us plenty of time at 1 location to capture you and your loved ones. 
  • Family Outing
    • Best for a family with 2-4 kids with pets. We have 2.5 hours hours to have a relaxing photo session to capture your family at 1-2 locations. 
  • Family Day
    • Perfect for families of 8-12 members or Family Gatherings for the day. With up to 6 hours and 3 locations to relax, goof around, and have a great time. This will allow us to take our time, and capture amazing photos or your family. 
  • Snap Shots
    • This is a simple and fast session is designed for couples or kids. We get 30 minutes to capture highlights of you or your kids.

Family Time

$ 225
  • 1 Hour Session
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Outfit
  • $25 Gallery Credit
  • 1 Included Images
  • In Person Viewing
  • Digital Delivery

Family Outing

$ 350
  • 2.5 Hour Session
  • 2 Locations
  • 2 Outfits
  • $50 Gallery Credit
  • 2 Included Image
  • In Person Viewing
  • Digital Delivery

Family Day

$ 550
  • Up to a 6 Hour Session
  • Up to 3 Locations
  • Unlimited Outfits
  • $75 Gallery Credit
  • 4 Included Images
  • In Person Viewing
  • Digital Delivery

Snap Shot

$ 150
  • 30 Min Session
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Outfit
  • No Credit
  • No Included Images
  • Limited Viewing
  • Digital Delivery
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